Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Dedicated to Cha

I started this blog for one very simple reason; I was looking for a way to archive content in a narrative dialogue for my son for after I'm gone, and let's face it there's no better way to immortalize oneself than on the Internet.

My son, Cha (which means 'tea' in a handful of different languages) is eight years old, he's been with me since he's two and a half, I am a single parent. Yoga, meditation and the wisdoms of the east have been passions of mine for quite sometime now, I often feel compelled to share knowledge in these ancient wisdom traditions. Expressing some of these complicated principles can often be difficult, to non-practitioners, and especially to eight year old boys who are only fascinated with football! (AKA soccer, for my American compatriots.)

The reason I felt like a blog would be the best way to communicate the many tenets of Dharma to my son was because as he grows up to be a young man, being as technologically adept as he is, he'll always be able to tap into this knowledge, and my thoughts and lessons will always be here online for him to read and savour long after my physical body is gone.

It is my deepest hopes that all shall benefit from these musings!

My beautiful boy Cha; half Thai/Lisu, half American. July, 2016 (8 yrs old)

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