Sunday, September 4, 2016

De La Soul - Nosed Up (Official Audio)

What's up Cha,

I know you're a serious Tribe Called Quest fan and this makes me very happy. I've raised you listening to good east coast hip hop since you were a baby, driving around in the mountains of northern Thailand.

It's time that I explained a few things to you. Tribe Called Quest is part of a collaborative called The Native Tongue family; consisting of De La Soul, Black Sheep, Leaders of the New School and the Jungle Brothers.

By now you will know who De La Soul is because I've been playing their new album 'and the Anonymous Nobody' in the car for the past couple of weeks. I hope you grow to love and appreciate their lyrical genius as much as A Tribe Called Quest. I've always thought of De La as prophets of truth, exhibiting wisdom and intellect, promoting peace through their deep rhymes and soulful beats.

Check out 'Nosed Up' it's currently one of my favourite tracks on the album!



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